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SBD · 163w Launches Its Own ERC-20 Token...

Minds is a blogging platform that was launched in 2015 and currently has more than 2 million users compared to Steemit's 871,918 (according to Wikipedia). |Source|The new logo Today Minds launched its own token simply called Minds Token it was built using Ethereums ERC20 protocol and is currently running on a Testnet, information on the token itself is scarce so information like distribution and supply etc are unavailable. There is however the following information on the website: What are Minds tokens? Minds tokens are the network's crypto-token. They are built using the ERC-20 utility standard and are issued on the Ethereum blockchain. You earn Minds tokens for your contributions to the network, and can exchange them for more views on your content with Boost or to support other creators with Wire. How do I earn Minds tokens? You earn Minds tokens for your contributions to the network each day. Contributions include setting up your account, posting high quality content, being active on the site, contributing code, finding bugs and more. |Source| I posted a blog when minds first announced their plans and it is good to see that they finally have something somewhat tangible now, i have been using Steemit almost exclusively but with this new reward system that has been implemented on the Minds platform i could earn there as well as here on Steemit. For more information or to open an account click HERE. Thanks for reading and if you found this interesting consider upvoting, following and resteeming. P.S. If you are interested in buying or selling Steem consider using my link and sign up to Binance. Previous Blog|Next Blog
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