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Android Eve - The Birth of the Machines [Animation Storyboard]

I finished a storyboard of my own story during 2016, Mechanika: The Battle Between Flesh and Metal. I was undecided whether I will take it somewhere first, but two years later I decided that I can continue working on it. This is the intro to the story, of a scientist and his robot.

I will post more drawings and storyboards in the future. Stay in tune.

Synopsis: The brilliant but naive scientist Dr. Akiva Benjamin is forced to create weapons for the war industry after the Android Eve surpasses the Turing test. He gives all of his prototypes a conscience circuit in hope that they cannot be exploited by evil. However, giving machine the ability to choose goes awry and that is where the story starts. Dr. Benjamin enabled his prototypes to work together, but they fuse together to form the titular hive mind of Mechanika.

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