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Status Development Update

Project Management:

Our team working on project management oversees the big picture and aids in the planning, initiation of work and the coordination between teams.

Finalized current squads the priority epics: Wallet, Push Notifications, Network Switching, Discover, Onboarding, and Basic API.


Our Clojure team is the core of our development team, they handle the functionalities of our application and house our largest team of developers.

#310 — Reviewed and merged#1689 — Fixed migration for network switching on iOS#1756 — Readied for testing#1832 — Reviewed and merged#1857 — Reviewed implementation possibility for async command handlers #1802 — Worked on issues related to some inconsistencies found in the wallet screen#1817 — Worked on issue with scroll not working on History tabAdditional reviewsWorked on rectifying main screen UI discrepancies New issues on push notifications and tooling; #307, #1821, #1822, #1828 and #1837Reviewed status-go push notification pull request and clarified blocker in #1821Client side work on push notifications: Exchange of FCMTOken during contact add and created new bindings to status-goBackend push notification work: New public API call Notify, started on integrating go-FCMPull request submitted and merged on tooling #1825Testing session and discussion with QA team with discovered issuesStarted work on how Whisper messages work with jails/contact requests for integration with status-goWorked on Wiki page on squads #1805 — Submitted pull request for refactoring of protocol listeners#1386 — Experimented with transaction fees with Ethereum wallet and created a reportInvestigated Discover code and compared with existing designInvestigated protocol exchange #1526 — Issued pull request for Wallet design — Request Transaction for iOS#1843 — Working on Wallet-Send transaction layer 1 Fixed and rebased pull requests on Wallet epic #1812, #1819 and #1830#1820 — Worked on adding transaction ...
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