Status Development Update for 8th - 12th September

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Project Management:

Our team working on project management oversees the big picture and aids in the planning, initiation of work and the coordination between teams.

This week completed drafting release notes for v0.9.11, user stories that would serve as functional requirements for internal team, and design calls. Preparing assignments for v.0.9.12. Workflow document created for team assignments, and formation of “Squads” for tasks.


Our Clojure team is the core of our development team, they handle the functionalities of our application and house our largest team of developers.

#1584 and 1689 — Worked on new iterationsInvestigated and discussed how ‘eth.sendTransaction’ is used inside the jail and sync/async calls there Improved wallet pull requests based upon feedback#1783—Fixed wallet transactions tab#1780 — Fixed iOS bug where incorrect icon padding in toolbars was found#1802 — Fixed minor UI issue where wallet screen had different length buttons#1807 — Fixed some inconsistencies in the wallet UI Got RN logs to work in release mode#1749 — Amended push notification spike pull request. Fixed the mismatch in behaviour between released build for real device#1788 — Pull request to get RN release logs for iOS#1798 — Pull request issued to enable warnings as errors and list acceptable warnings#1708 — Jenkins CI basic profiling and suggestions#1750 — Executed repo clean#1791 — Pull request to fix builds failing when RN packager times out #1324 — Worked on app crash issue for Android#1605 — Finished work on popup issue ‘No protocol method IAssociative.-assoc defined for type cljs.core/symbol:’Added several new issues related to protocol messages#1805 —Finished refactoring protocol listeners #1526 — Begun and finished work on Wallet design — Request Transaction for iOSMade progress on network switching issue by discovering reason for app crash #1782 — Fixed sticking errors when fetching balance / price / transactions in new wallet, allowing more frequent refreshes.#1733 — Further fixes on issue where username reverts to default, submitted for merging#1760 — Added some fixes on history data bindings for Ethereum transactions and merged into codebase#1776 — Resolved issue where resource-ids need to be added for specific elements. Issued PR for #1789 to assist automated testing.#1785 and #1786 — Added two propositions for enhancement#1812 — Worked on a fix for the history order, improving subscriptions in order to reduce total computations#1819 — Renamed history into transactionsMiscellaneous bug fixes in small PRs such as compilation fixes, double post of status in discover ta #1710 — Worked on test units, refactored console-command handling and signup / confirmation process. Ready for further testing#1810 — Begun work on a rework of the /send command handler #1773 — Further work on Wallet — Create initial send screen. Added QR code reading and some design fixes. Added SVG assets #1628 — Added testnet warning so no real ETH or SNT is sent to app#1754 — Made changes to command scopes pull request. Made short-preview work, improved code style and made rebase Go-Language Team:

Our Go-language team handles the forked Go-Ethereum implementation in Status — This is the “backend” of Status that allows you to connect directly to the Ethereum Blockchain.

Discussed how Send Transaction should operate and how it should be included into releaseWorked on the Status Workflow document#194 — Investigated sendAsync issue and discovered why it doesn’t work Reviewed codeWorked on build binaries in Travis as a part of #201#253 — Refactor of small nodemanager merged#301 — Implemented working Jenkins integration, needs a couple of clarifications before merge Node switching analysisLight protocol analysis#94 —Work on implementation a check of disk space before sync beginsModified deployment scripts for whisper nodes with notification server enabled#300 — Improved analysis. Turning this analysis into requirements #293 — Finished and closed, adding Fetch API and fixes #289 by using safe Otto VM wrapper whenever possible#294 — Investigated issue where sub-accounts are not listed for eth_accounts callStarted fix within #304 — refactoring RPC client code #194 — Made some changes, issue blocker has caused it to remain pending at the current time#271 and #276 — Added changes in regards to exisiting comments. #271 should be ready for merging shortly QA team:

Our QA team handles the testing of the application, works with users reporting bugs, and they are crucial to getting feedback and report bugs to our development team with details.

Nastya: #1584 and #1706 — Further testing on both these issues. Identified some additional bugsTesting pull requestsPartially described a user story from ‘minimal user flow’ perspectiv #1789 — Elements reworked to use accessibility IDs#165 — Added more test units for group chats#1811 — Added additional verifications and accessibility IDs to group/one-to-one chat tests‘Remove user from group chat’ test has been added in scope of #165 Desktop team:

Our desktop team works towards building the Status client on desktop.

Local build of Go with MinGW-w64Investigating elimination of forbidden API calls on UWP platformDiscussion with Go team regarding UWP supportCompilation and success in running pure MinGW dll with Go runtime on UWP. Certification kit reporting 17 forbidden API callsInvestigating Go runtime changes to support UWP Join Our Community

Status is an open source project, and if you’d like to get involved with development — the single best way would be to build Status for yourself, explore our open issues, and come say Hi on our Slack. We prefer to hire core contributors based on Pull Requests.

If you feel you can help us grow our community in other ways, we’d love to hear your ideas. You can also Tweet at us, like our Facebook or subscribe to the Status Subreddit.

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