Don’t miss the Hiro Monthly Developer Call this week!

self.stacks1m ago
Hey there everyone, Spring has sprung! Bees are buzzing, tulips are blooming, and all you Stacks developers are hard at work coding, as usual! I wanted to make sure the Stacks Pack was aware of the second edition of the Hiro Monthly Developer Call. It’s coming up fast this **Thursday, May 26th @ 16:00 UTC (12:00pm EST)**, and we’re gonna cover loads of recent technical updates and future developments. On the schedule is a deep dive on two powerful new features: **Hyperchains** and **arbitrary message signing**. Last month’s call exceeded all our expectations, and a handful of community members chimed in with interesting questions and spirited discussion. You can get all set up on zoom, and even submit community topics for us to discuss as a group, over at the registration link: []( Looking forward to a bombastic blockchain builder bonanza!