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Hello community! We have some news to announce today, due to transaction costs we will not be issuing the tokens on Omni, we feel it is best for our users and for the project to issue an ERC20 token. This will decrease transaction costs, while increasing functionality and optimal interoperability by taking advantage of the ERC20 protocols. As well, we know that exchanges are experienced in listing ERC20 tokens, and given their recent successes, we expect this will help us reach more exchanges a lot quicker than had we used Omni. We also feel this aligns us more competitively with the future of cryptocurrency and decentralized applications. What does this mean for our investors and bounty campaign participants? Nothing changes, tokens will be available as planned at the end of the crowdsale, except now you will receive an ERC20 token. And our roadmap remains the same (including our Litecoin implementation), this will not delay any of our project goals. The issuance of these tokens is a very simple process. We will just need to collect ETH addresses instead of Omni. Thank you for your support and we are excited for the future of Air! If you have any questions or concerns about this, or anything at all, please message the team on Slack as we are more than happy to help!
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