Did you hear about benefits of $SRK donations?

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self.SparkPoint1m ago
Hey there, SRK-fam! It’s Aliia of NOWPayments here, hope you had a great weekend!  I’m so excited to bring out awesome news: donations in $SRK are possible!  It means NOW you can donate to your favourite r/Twitch streamer, for example.  So you can let  your fav streamers/artists/bloggers know that they can accept donations in $SRK. I think that’s so cool!  By the way, let’s learn about benefits of $SRK donations from this article:  [https://nowpayments.io/blog/sxp-benefits-for-influencers](https://nowpayments.io/blog/sxp-benefits-for-influencers) What do you think? Are you into making donations? Would you support your fav influencers with $SRK donations?  Share your thoughts in the comments.  Thank you so much for your answers :)