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SONM considering switching to NEM blockchain .....WTF?

"The two parties discussed the possibility of SONM switching its blockchain components over to the NEM infrastructure. SONM will evaluate such an approach as a possible measure to take, should Ethereum’s development not achieve desired scalability. "   What a bad idea. ethereum is beeing adopted more and more and you guys considering NEM ? i will certainly dump SNM tokens hard if that should happen. stupid   edit1:     upvote please if you are against the switching.  edit2:     Ethereum Foundation build a good reputation, the ecosystem have a lot of developers and a lot of use cases and that is why enterprises, banks and governments are getting on-board.   Using the Ethereum ecosystem will bring value and trust to projects building on top of it, because they will benefit of the value of the Ethereum network , it's developers and it's security.   NEM started at 2014, like Ethereum , and it did not grow like Ethereum did and did not accomplished what Ethereum has accomplished .   So to me, it doesn't make sense to get off board while the "world" are getting on-board.   Also is this a bad idea from marketing perspective. Every month more then a dozen big and small companies joining the enterprise ethereum alliance . those companies are mostly interested in Ethereum based solutions. i don't see SONM being widely adopted if it migrate to other blockchain. we will then have only a "good" niche product, no mass adoption and that will certainly affect the token price negatively   Also after Storj migrated to the Ethereum blockchain, the token value increased because of the reasons i mentioned earlier. that is why i think that the value of SNM will decrease after the migration.  as a investor i have no choice then to "manage" my SNM tokens if they decided to migrate. 
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