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Using phantom with ledger

I created a phantom wallet and attached my ledger’s Solana app to it. Now I’m trying to move $ATLAS from an exchange to the ledger attached wallet. I added $ATLAS from the token list. When I click on the deposit button I get prompted within my ledger five different data sets listed as such: “create token account” (random string) “from mint” (random string beginning with ATLAS) “owned by” (my $SOL address) “funded by” (my $SOL address) “fee payer” (my $SOL address) I am then asked to approve or reject. I naturally reject. My question is two fold: What the hell is going on here? I cannot find any documentation anywhere that explains the process that is occurring. All I can find is information connecting ledger to phantom and depositing $SOL. I am assuming it is creating a $ATLAS wallet address on the Solana blockchain. But some reference material would be appreciated. 2) I would like to use raydium and get some $POLIS, do I have to go through the same process to do so? Bc I watched the “How to use phantom with ledger” video from the official ledger YouTube channel and the gentleman there did not. Thanks in advance for any direction
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