self.solana7m ago
So my Question is about [tulip.garden](https://tulip.garden), when you do farming either lending or vault, you recieve the tu"your token" as a receipt right? Where or how can i see the conversion rate? I thought its 1:1 so one token staked gives you one tulip token. But it seems its not that, im trying to lend the RAY and 110RAY nets me around 87 tuRAY. Is there a way to see what the conversion rate is prior to pending transaction? I tried to find the tuRAY in the swap section in phantom wallet, but i dont see it there. Also the rewards are distributed in tuRAY? Is there a compounding or not and also if the rewards go straight to wallet how can i swap them for lets say RAY or USDC if they are not in the swap section? ​ If anyone sees this and know how to join discord please reply, bcs i am unable to verify, images and captcha is enabled, but im not getting the dm with the captcha, cant get verified ​ Thx