This is why Solana will continue being a top 10 coin

self.solana13d ago
I’m still bullish on Solana even with critics voicing concerns because the more I look into the vulnerability, I realize it’s not a deal breaker. The chain goes off network because of how it confirms transactions. It is susceptible to DDOS attacks in its current state. I admit that. However, once the chain resumes, you still have all your Sol. The bank closes every Sunday and you still have a bank account. It’s not like there was a major “double spend” issue or “algo-stable” issue or $1k gas fees to send $10. To me, being down while it’s in its beta is not the worst thing out there. I’ve used Sol regularly and it is the closest thing to having an ecosystem that has real world utility. It actually competes with traditional banks and their NFT ecosystem is catching up to Eth, in some cases, it’s had more volume than Eth. This is also a real world case, in which nfts can be used as an exclusivity perk for businesses to give their customers. At 4k TPS, it competes with any major bank. All in all, I’m willing to bet not everyone in the crypto subReddit even uses the ecosystem they invest in nor is concerned about decentralization as long as their “bags are pumping”. To me, crypto is about real world applications. Eth is extremely expensive to use and bitcoin, at 7 transactions a second, can only do about 604,000 transactions a day, or what Visa does in 87 seconds. Critics will say “lightning network” or “eth2.0” coming, but where is it? And why am I not justified in saying sol outages will be fixed in next node rollout?