Polygon Bridging Gone Wrong

self.solana1m ago
Hi, I'm new to Solana but not the NFT/Crypto world. I am, however, new to bridging between chains and ran into an issue in my first attempt at it. I'm guessing this is a tale as old as time/crypto but I'm hoping it can be reversed or I'm just missing some final step. Any help would be appreciated and I'm hoping to get a warm-ish welcome as I hope I'm not asking a stupid question and that this might help other people and, of course, sharing lessons learned and fixes for these mistakes definitely helps adoption! TLDR: I bridged SOL tokens from Polygon to Solana that might not have matched the bridge I used and now I'm trying to convert/swap them to SOL or reverse the process. I was trying to get some funds onto Solana to take part in a drop and rather than go the exchange route, I decided to use some ETH I had on Polygon. I found a couple of different articles about bridging via Allbridge or Portal by Wormhole and saw them both with a good number of upvotes on the [Solana.com](https://Solana.com) ecosystem pages. I wanted to avoid the gas fees of going out of Polygon to ETH. Allbridge gave a token address of 0x7DfF46370e9eA5f0Bad3C4E29711aD50062EA7A4 for SOL when going from Polygon to Solana. Quickswap seemed to align with that token address and had similar valuations so I swapped with no problem. Jumping back to Allbridge, I tried to send from my Polygon wallet to Solana and was getting errors when trying to approve the access to the token and they were displaying vague errors about the Solana network so I thought the allbridge bridge might be down. I had the Portal by Wormhole page open an decided to try using it to send it. Everything worked more smoothly there (after I created a new recipient address for the token) and after waiting for 500+ confirmations, I claimed my tokens and now I'm looking at my Solana wallet and I see the SOL tokens is labeled as "SOL (Wormhole)" and the token's address is "4MEwurEBuPyyFRejXSPeoWBsko6XyCi3gGKmfmn14nh9". Clearly they aren't set up as the SOL token but I'm wondering if there's a a final step I'm missing to swap them or burn them for SOL. Searching for that token address on google doesn't lead anywhere really. I tried transferring the tokens back to Polygon via Portal by Wormhole but am also getting a cryptic error on that part too. Looking at the token's Solana address, I'm a little concerned that the only use I see of it has people every few days appearing to bridge in the same way I did and then burn the tokens a little while later. Looking at the wallets that have done that, I'm not seeing them end up with the same amount of SOL after wards. From a bridging perspective, I'm also curious if the fact that I used the specific SOL token that Allbridge suggested but used a different bridge to send it is where my issue arose. Looking at [Wormholenetwork.com](https://Wormholenetwork.com), they seem to point to using the SOL with a Polygon token address of 0xd93f7e271cb87c23aaa73edc008a79646d1f9912. Does each bridge require a different input token in order to have it output SOL on the other end? Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'll gladly type up a summary post of my experience to hopefully provide a good resource for other users who might run into the same issue and will hopefully catch some search queries for the token IDs that ran into dead ends in my attempts to figure out what I did wrong.