I think we should give more visibility to this issue.

I think we should give more visibility to this issue.
self.solana4d ago
Since people started becoming aware of the issue of stake centralization it has been improving quite steadily. As of today, Solana's Nakamoto coefficient stands at 23 to stall the network And I think it is because we gave attention to that issue in the past that it started improving, with help from [solanabeach.io](https://solanabeach.io) which displays it so that everyone can see. So what's the issue that I think we should give more visibility to improve it? **Data centers service providers** centralization. As of today, Solana has a Nakamoto coefficient of 1 to stall the network in this metric. Basically, Solana has nodes in a bunch of data centers around the world, which may seem decentralized at first sight, but the problem is that 33% of those data centers are owned by Amazon. By Datacenter service providers here is the stake distribution. Amazon 33.02% Hetzner 20.43% OVH SAS 12.60% Marbis GmbH 5.05% We should stake in validators that manage their own nodes, instead of those that pay these companies to manage their nodes. If you want to know more about it here is the webpage with this data [validators.app](https://www.validators.app) If Solana becomes successful, we already know what's likely to be the next thing other projects are going to criticize, let's give it attention and solve it before it happens