Why would anyone play this game to earn?

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self.AxieInfinity14d ago
I have posted lately about losing scholars. But after that I took on 1 more and gave him 11 Axies to build his own team. [https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/profile/ronin:e101eff52125f858975474f89cc9f548d4164298/axie/?game=origin](https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/profile/ronin:e101eff52125f858975474f89cc9f548d4164298/axie/?game=origin) This is the team of 11 Axies. After 2 days of climbing to 1500 he dropped off and deleted his Reddit and blocked me on Discord. I have a Discord server and I treat all my scholars with respect but this is getting terrible. What I am looking for are people that are looking to be competitive in this game and fight for top 1000. And possible make a push to earn some great AXS. I have some other NFT games that we are expanding into but anyone who joins will need to show that all they have to do is play everyday. I share 60/40 and also 60/40 on the mAXS. I am only interested in gamers that want to play.