[PSA] Team Wallet #2 has just moved 200,000 SLT into selling wallets

Smartlands NetworkSmartlands Network
self.SmartlandsPlatform1m ago
Since they announced the swap to DNT, I have been tracking the team holdings of SLT to see what they do with them. You would think they would burn them, as they are getting the DNT built into the new protocol. But no, they have been selling them. Yesterday, the #2 Team Wallet just moved ALL of it's remaining funds (over 200k SLT) into a web of wallets they have been using to sell SLT on market for the past few months. I'll link wallet below. Dig in to it. Note: Someone has a buy wall of about 235k XLM up right now (it was 275k XLM). If that *doesn't* belong to the team trying to manipulate bots, then whoever owns it needs to remove it ASAP. /end of PSA good luck out there.