Argh. This is so frustrating. The instructions for swapping are so poor.

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self.SmartlandsPlatform1m ago
Just spent the last 90 minutes trying to sort out this swap from Lobstr to Metamask. The instructions leave so many gaps that it is impossible to figure out. Thankfully other Reddit users have had the same issues so searching on here has got me there in the end. For anyone else struggling, here are the things it doesn't mention and assumes you should know instead of explicitly telling you. It only provides 5 or 6 options which would've taken a few hours for the team to write out in detail. 1. Creating a Metamask wallet isn't enough. You also have to select the correct network. Search Google for Metamask Binance Smart Chain network for instructions. Then you need to import the token which it doesn't mention anywhere. There is a BSC Smart Contact link at the top of the page and the address is at the top. 2. On Stellar term, you don't need to create an account before setting up Wallet Connect. Use the Wallet connect option directly. 3. Clicking "address" didn't work for me after I followed a link on my phone from the Reddit is Fun app. Not sure if it should or whether it was a one off but they should really recommend browsers if there are compatibility issues. That was it, quick and painless my test transaction of 1 SLT went and was received. However, I now don't have enough XLM in my Lobstr account to send the rest of my SLT. I don't want to spend £36 for the 1 XLM I need in Lobstr, I don't have enough of anything else on Binance to swap to XLM to transfer to Lobstr and my bank won't let me transfer anything to Binance either. I only have 75 SLT which is about £30 so I'm not even sure if it's worth it. Update: Someone has very kindly sent me 2 XLM which was enough to be able to transfer my SLT from Lobstr to Metamask and I have a balance on Metamask if 150 DNT so I assume it has worked.