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Decentralization is a game-changer in managing our own finances. But how does it affect the way we use our devices?

governmental oversight and control over currency. This newfound freedom from regulations will give the masses the power to act in their own best interests. But with great power, comes great responsibility.

The highest priority for SIRIN LABS is security. Our users will be trusting us to guard the bank, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We have built a significant security precaution directly into our SIRIN OS™ kernel in order to ensure that the embedded cold storage wallet and the private key remain secure. These precautions also include a behavioral Intrusion Prevention System, which can detect and prevent zero-day attacks.

We can prevent an application from being hacked in order to gain access to a different part of the phone, but all of the security in the world cannot protect a user who willingly chooses to allow a flashlight app access to their contacts, or a game access to their microphone. Users will need to take accountability for using their devices responsibly. To start, we need to begin reviewing which permissions we’re giving to which applications, regardless of who built them, and we need to stop using our phones to visit sites that might inject malware onto our devices.

The crypto revolution is real, and it’s here to stay, but in order to establish it within main-stream utility, we need to change the way we’re currently using our devices in order to protect our own data. The SIRIN OS™ and the FINNEY™ will protect your currency by sealing and guarding your personal bank, but it will be up to each and every one of us to protect the keys to our banks, to ensure our currencies and data remain secure. Together, we can accomplish anything.

Go Crypto!

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