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Decentralization is a game-changer in managing our own finances. But how does it affect the way we use our devices?

Crypto: The Wake-Up Call of Personal Accountability

As we move further into the age of technology, there are a few things that are becoming more and more clear; the most significant of those is the renewed need for personal accountability.

Over the last few years, we’ve heard countless stories of large centralized organizations having their systems hacked, which results in a loss of privacy for individuals and consumers. Visa, Macy’s, Target, and even one of the largest credit unions, Expedia, have all had their systems compromised and their customers’ personal and private information made public.

Upon hearing these stories in the news, many people had similar reactions — frustration if they were affected by the hack, anger at the hackers who stole people’s information, and skepticism regarding the security of their personal information.

These are great issues to ponder; however, the underlying problem is that reactions did not spur proaction. The overwhelming majority of people who heard these stories made no real change in their activities; they continued using the same banks, credit cards, and companies. The prevailing thought is, “What other option is there?”

A few months ago, news broke of another data breach. This time, Cambridge Analytica had been mining data from Facebook. There was understandably quite a bit of outrage and frustration stemming from the apparent invasion-of-privacy that Facebook’s lax security allowed. Once again, once the public became aware of the fact that a 3rd party obtained their private data, most people did not deactivate their accounts. They just posted their outrage on social media and moved on to the next topic in their newsfeed.

The dawn of the age of decentralization and crypto is upon us, which will commence the dawn of the Age of Personal Digital Accountability.

Decentralization is an incredibly powerful tool. It will allow us, through cryptocurrency, to disconnect from...

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