Dapps 14 & 15 Revealed: Blockeeper & PayCheck

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Everything we do at SingularDTV serves as the basis to build a decentralized world— as long as we have the conceptualists and developers to do it! Thanks to our partnership with Centrality, we’ve been busy quietly building a number of decentralized applications designed to make life easier not only for our CFO, bookkeepers and accountants, but for you too.

Blockeeper and PayCheck are examples of this, SingularDTV modules #14 and #15. Publicly, we’ve announced 11 modules, privately we are pleased to announce we are working on 18. Modules are applications and platforms we’re building to support our decentralized entertainment economy.

Blockeeper helps blockchain companies comply with tax regulations by connecting their transactions to popular accounting software. Blockeeper can act as a standalone bookeeping service to keep track of payments and cashflows.

We’re also using PayCheck to schedule payments to our team. That’s what PayCheck does, it’s a peer-to-peer transaction platform that allows scheduled payments to be made using cryptocurrency. We’ve built PayCheck because we need it, and now we can share it with productions around the world so they can pay their cast and crew. The great thing about PayCheck is anybody or any business can use it.

We look forward to releasing Blockeeper and PayCheck this year to the public around the same time we release Tokit, LaunchPad and SingularX.

Stay tuned for more…

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