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How Centrality Became the Leading Blockchain Venture Studio Down Under

How Centrality Became the Leading Blockchain Venture Studio Down Under

An interview with CEO Aaron McDonald about one of the most exciting blockchain studios in the world — and a major SingularDTV partner.

The development of SingularDTV over the past year has served as a magnet for exciting projects and individuals from all over the world. Names like Blockhaus and Gramatik are familiar for anyone watching the progress of the SingularDTV ecosystem, but New Zealand-based blockchain venture studio Centrality has also played a key role in bringing the SingularDTV vision to reality.

A team of 50 developers led by CEO Aaron McDonald at Centrality’s headquarters in Auckland is leading development on three SingularDTV modules: payment solution Paycheck, accounting widget Blockkeeper, and the decentralized exchange platform SingularX. In addition, Centrality is producing their own ecosystem of remarkable projects and recently completed a $15 million dollar pre-sale of their Centrality token.

We spoke with Centrality CEO Aaron McDonald about the company’s relationship with SingularDTV, Blockhaus, and their own growing ecosystem of dApps…

Centrality been referred to as ‘Consensys Down Under.’ Is that an apt description?

The comparison to Consensys is not a bad one, although a little humbling as these guys are really pushing the industry forward. They have a venture studio model themselves, across a number of projects at different layers. I think the main distinguishing factor is that we’re focused on mass market consumer adoption. We’re building a set of use cases around everyday things that a person does in their life. Many of the blockchain use cases are around financial tech and payment solutions, but we’re trying to make everyday processes decentralized — booking a restaurant, taking public transport, booking a ticket for a flight. Often, these applications are so well-written that the consumer doesn’t even need to know that the ...

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