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Why is 🦨 such a strong supporter of the Sia and Skynet technologies?

No one has actually asked me this question before, however, when I wrote this originally as a comment to a reply, it made me realize that it is worth explaining my motivations for being such a strong supporter. As it is, it seems my words are having the power to reach some people, and because of this, I think that it is not only important I make it clear why I work so hard to help others understand this technology, but that I also explain why everyone should be considering this as well. Also because I feel it is always a good practice to question the motivations behind every piece of literature you read, I would be a hypocrite if I did not make my own intentions known. I may expand on this at some point and give a more detailed explanation as to why I feel it is important that the Sia and Skynet technologies succeed. But for now I feel the following outlines my intentions and concerns quite clearly. The reason I am such a strong supporter of the Sia and Skynet projects is not just because I think they will succeed, but because I feel it is important that they do succeed. The technology they are building is something this world needs right now, and must be built by people who will not cave under pressure from government or big business. As of today the Sia and Skynet developers are the only people who have demonstrated that they are the right people for the job. It is clear, from their past code of conduct, that they are not in this to get rich quick, but are here to actually make the world a better place and ensure that the technology they create cannot be owned or controlled by anyone. The internet is a technology that is a crucial part to everyone's ability to survive in the modern world. So any new version of the internet must be built to be resistant to any form of central control or authority, and I honestly do not trust anyone else but these developers to ensure that our internet remains truly open and free for all. I don't just want Sia and Skynet to succee...
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