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Why is Sia expensive when advertised as cheap?

**TL;DR result:** * For storage capacities below several terabytes, the flat fee of Sia per contract (as in pay SC for "nothing") has a major impact on the renting price per month. Basically, ~200 SC or currently ~$1 are lost per month ([Taek42]( * Even the presumably official wiki has false information as to how Sia uses these fees and how storage prices are calculated. --------------------------------------- I don't understand how the price of ~$0.5/TB is calculated and why I have to pay much more. I have set an allowance of 160 SC which equals approximately 160 SC * 0.00000093 BTC/SC * 4825 USD/BTC = **0.71 USD**. Now, my wallet and the renter info shows me that for some reason beyond my comprehension a total of **Total Allocated: 215.4 SC** have been charged - almost $1.00. This would equate to ~2TB/month or ~23TB/year for $12.0. Not too bad right? Duplicati since uploaded and downloaded many files, and I ended up deleting them all because after 2 or 3 files Sia would start to hang and not continue uploading until manually restarted. I left the smaller Backup jobs and realized that after uploading a bunch of files the redundancy is not boosted, and is stuck between 1.0 and 1.4 for all files. Looking at the renter info it says: Storage Spending: 22.91 SC Upload Spending: 943.9 mS Download Spending: 1.107 SC Unspent Funds: 190.5 SC Total Allocated: 215.4 SC which does not look like the funds have been used up. Looking at the contracts though: Host Remaining Funds Spent Funds Spent Fees Data 948.3 mS 80.17 mS 3.309 SC 109.05 MB 859.5 mS 67.53 mS 1.234 SC 192.94 MB 788.4 mS 39.57 mS 3.404 SC 109.05 ...
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