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Why can I not buy access to Sia Storage with USD?

Hi all, Is using USD or other fiat currencies in the realm of possibility to access the SIA decentralized network? I understand that to buy SIA coin I have to buy bitcoin and afterwards trade bitcoin for siacoin. I understand the reliance on the cryptocurrency model + decentralized storage as SIA's model. I understand the network depends on paying pay hosts for their contract fees and whatnot. What I don't understand is why do I have to rely entirely on cryptocurrency to access the decentralizedSIA storage network? Money is money right? I just want to use USD > SIA Decentralized Storage. It seems to me that using existing currencies like the USD, finance methods with (VISA/PAYPAL/typical banks) to access the decentralized storage would make accessing the network so much easier. Is there a way to have the same contract based system and hosts can accept in USD instead of relying 100% on siacoin? (I have never owned cryptocurrency, so my problem is getting into any crypto, not just SIA)
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