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What gives ultimate value(this will be kinda dark, but its what is coming when they decide to break from the dollar as a whole.)

What gives ultimate value is blood. Countries will have to be willing to go to war and spill blood to give ultimate value to crypto currencies. Gold has value because there has been blood spilt to give it such value. Regardless of what people want to say. So does land and other natural resources. The war for crypto liberties has yet to be waged. And I believe that that is whats coming. The defining factor for all of crypto will be just that, blood spilt. There is a misconception to what folks in the physical markets have come to believe. They say cryptos have no real value. But as I've said before and as I will continue to say. Sia coin and its powerful network of cloud storage is true value. To be able to, for fractions of the costs of traditional markets secure all important documents. And at the same time to have skynet. Its like taking the whole internet and giving people limitless possibility. Its sorta like being in control of the matrix. In the end... after the whole reset. It will be harder for countries to wage wars. But that will not come until they(USA,Russia,China, European oligarchs) have exerted all of their force. And that will be quite a while. And who is to say we will all live to tell the tale. Anything that holds true value has had blood spilt in the name of it. When they start censoring everything and start trying to seize peoples cryptos. I am sure we will all meet up on SkyFeed and share pictures from all around the world as the world begins a blaze. Those who can grant limitless access to information, a connection to the world, and those who can provide complete privacy will be amongst the most valuable things in crypto. Most cryptos will fail. If you see and take note, adoption will not be fair.
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