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Welcome Chris as our newest core dev!

We are thrilled to announce that Chris Schinnerl has officially moved to Boston this week to join Sia as our newest core developer. We’re incredibly happy to have him on the team. Chris comes to us from Austria. He learned to code while in high school and developed an interest in open source software around the same time. He studied Computer Science at Graz University of Technology, achieving his undergrad degree while working as a software engineer for AVL List. Once Chris learned about the idea of decentralized storage, he was hooked. A few Siacoin and a full node later, he began contributing to the project. Chris spent a few months submitting fixes and features via Github, and enough of these were merged with the core code that the team started to take notice. One short hop across the Atlantic, and Chris met the Sia team in August of this year. We’re absolutely excited to see where Chris helps Sia go over the next few months and years. Stray facts: Chris became a trained medic for the Red Cross before attending university. He once did a summer internship in Hong Kong. Give a warm welcome to Chris on our Discord! You can check out our up-to-date team list at Edit: Github profile link
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