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This was from May, yet still huge news and could finally becoming into fruition.

@everyone An update on our growing team: We've added two new people since our last quarterly report! <@!828290217291153429> is our new Operations Director -- a position that I am *greatly* relieved to have filled. Frances previously worked with the Zcash Foundation, so we couldn't have asked for a better fit. She's already hard at work, helping us take the Foundation from a ragtag band of devs to a proper organization. <:stonks:833542732063834153> <@!220062569396699136>, a familiar face in the Sia community, is joining as a backend developer. Drawing on his experience with SiaCentral, Nate will be focusing his efforts on the Sia host, aiming to making it more efficient, maintainable, and observable. He's also quite excited about Utreexo, and will be helping me develop and test Sia's implementation. <:golang:380093192105623552> Lastly, I'm pleased to announce that James Prestwich is now advising the Foundation alongside Josh Cincinnati. We've known James for a long time (since his days at Storj!) but never had an opportunity to work together until now. James brings not only a vast breadth of high-level domain knowledge, but also a deeply technical perspective that can instantly deflate any crypto-bullshitter in 280 chars or less. 馃敟 Slowly but surely, the Foundation is taking shape. I'm looking forward to sharing more of our progress with you all in the next quarterly report. :)
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