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Skynet/Sia Weekend Discussion - June 11-13

Use this post for general chat about Skynet and Sia, ask questions, and check out these important links! **Reminder: there are other subreddits in our orbit for certain topics. Use** r/siatrader **for price and trading, and** r/siamining **for mining.** # Links New here? Get started with [Skynet]( or [Sia](! Join our [Discord]( for real-time discussion. [Read about the Skynet rebrand]( [Read about the Sia Foundation, our recent fork, and the future of Skynet explained]( [A Deep Dive into Skynet]( [Use Skynet]( [Read the latest Community Update! (a look at the last few months of Skynet and Sia)]( [Skynet has a new license]( [David Vorick chats with Nic Carter from On The Brink! Tune in as David reviews Skynet's 1st year of progress and future directions on identity, creator economies, and property rights]( # Help [Can't keep the rebrand straight? Figure out which social channels and dev repos to follow here]( [Having trouble with Sia after the recent fork? Can’t find your Siacoins or sync to the network?](
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