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Skygaze - see what skylinks are currently being accessed


Skygaze monitors the Sia network and tries to detect Skynet download activity.

When given a skylink, a Skynet portal will talk to most of the hosts on the Sia network in an attempt to find the associated skyfile. This project therefore uses a modified Sia host to listen for incoming sector requests, then tries to reconstruct the associated skylink and fetches its metadata. The collected information is provided to the user via a telnet-like server.

To self-host: Patch the Sia source code (see folder patches), compile and run siad and configure it as a host and as a Skynet portal. Take note of the directory that siad is running in - let's say it is ~/sia. In that case run: go run main.go ~/sia/skygaze.sock. Connecting to port 8023 should now provide access to Skygaze output:

$ nc localhost 8023 | BigBuckBunny.mp4
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