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Siacoin is a genius project aimed at democratizing the internet - we will "see it" through!

The idea behind the blockchain is simple - more power to the people and communities rather than central authorities. This goes WAY beyond currency. We can buy siacoin in hopes that it goes to the moon in the short, but the fact remains that the internet is dominated by AWS, Azure, and various other clouds. These too will end up being no different than JPM, Bank of America, etc. By purchasing siacoin we are in essence backing technology that aims to remove the middle men that are ruining the internet. We are early investors in a concept that already should have taken off. I have zero doubt in my mind that siacoin will be one of the early coins that will survive well into the future. In my opinion, it's a long term play with implications much bigger than a quick buck. Although, it is my opinion that early investors will reap a reward. Siacoin represents the next frontier of the Web. The ability to store data on the blockchain as opposed to an S3 bucket or GCS presents limitless potential as storage is the backbone of the internet. Content is the backbone of the internet. A lower-cost, more reliable, more secure storage backed by a global peer-to-peer network that eliminates the need to configure zones and regions and servers and blah blah blah within AWS, but increases the ability for the average individual to create scalable, well-architected applications is a big, big win in my book. With great ideas comes great responsibility, and I have a big belief that sia will "see it" through! This is not financial advice, but this is one hell of a cool project. :)
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