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SiaCoin Formula One Race Car

I was just thinking. We are so early right now on a project that has yet to reach one of the greatest achievements in modern day communications. The technology that offers so much. Information has its value. Value for more precious than gold or silver, metals. It is information that keeps intelligence progressing. And SiaCoin is doing that in my eyes... It would not surprise me if you could purchase a formula one team for 10,000 sia coin one day. Maybe in like 10-20years. SiaCoin could reach $100,000 a coin. Talk about the greatest return on investment. To buy a formula one team for 10,000 sia would be possible. Information and the ability to preserve it, and share it is essential to democracies around the world. Skynet is getting faster by the day. My guess is that it will eventually outperform even quantum computers. In that instance making it even more secure. I’m sure it will become easier to get some Monero once Skynet exchanges are made. A formula one team. It will be possible. SiaCoin is sleeping Giant. GODZILLA!!!!!!!
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