Siacentral wallet recovery?


I'm new, I bought Sia long ago, Bittrex shutdown so I moved it out and put it in the Sia UI app wallet.

I have a Ledger Nano X and prefer to use it as I want to keep my coins for longer term in a cold wallet. I followed the How To, but it requires Chrome via (not Sia UI app on Mac OS). So I used Chrome to create a Ledger Wallet, linked it to the device and moved the funds over and it appears to be working.

My issue is that I don't like Chrome, I want to uninstall it completely from my computer. I don't recall the siacentral wallet ever giving me a Recovery code, only the password to login to the Chrome. What happens if I remove Chrome or get a new computer? How would I recover that wallet? Sia UI seems better for longer term and restore options comparatively, but SiaCentral + Ledger seems a lot more secure... so i'm not sure what is the ideal one to use for longer term storage.