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Sia Host weirdness?

I setup a host on my vmware array (small 8TB) and noticed a few weird things. When I use siac to view the host information, it shows me around #5666 with the following stats: [email protected]:/home/siad/Sia$ ./siac hostdb view ed25519:29274c6ab20233b0250cbee125fe74e15d95e9a47d13b1d5f08a4dfe87b56591 Host information: Public Key: ed25519:29274c6ab20233b0250cbee125fe74e15d95e9a47d13b1d5f08a4dfe87b56591 Block First Seen: 126164 Host Settings: Accepting Contracts: false Total Storage: 0 GB Remaining Storage: 0 GB Offered Collateral (TB / Mo): 0 H But viewing the host details [email protected]:/home/siad/Sia$ ./siac host -v Connectability Status: Host appears to be working. Host Internal Settings: acceptingcontracts: Yes maxduration: 25 Weeks netaddress: (manually specified) Host Financials: Contract Count: 4 Potential Fee Compensation: 4 SC Transaction Fee Expenses: 0 H Locked Collateral: 11.7 SC Storage Folders: Used Capacity % Used Path 0 B 7.9999 TB 0.00 /mnt/siahost So this shows I have 4 contracts active, no space used and shows the ranking #182. Does the sia host database not update as much as doing a siac host check? Normal?
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