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SC criticsm/problems.

Hi guys. I just read a publishing on somebodies critique of SiaCoin, and was wondering if there is any refuting or plausible responses to these claims? I have recently invested as well so I am not against the project whatsoever, just curious; * **Sia:** The product has many technical issues which make it unstable and unusable, issues which have persisted for years * **Skynet:** It's a poorly thought out extension of Sia which will never compete with the traditional Internet, and is more similar to GeoCities than Web3 * **SC/SF:** Sia's original self-funding methods have failed, and no Siafund holders seem to want to admit it * **Sia Team:** They have no direction and still act like a startup full of pretentious college kids which think they know better than everyone else * **Sia Foundation:** A new money-printing entity funded by a large block reward, which may not really be separate from Nebulous or work in the community's interests * **Sia Community:** They idolize the team, can't tolerate criticism, will push objectors out, and will go down with the ship * **Conclusion:** Sia and Skynet aren't going to work out on their current trajectory. Thanks guys!
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