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RAID 1 Hosting Recommended?

Hello Sia Community, I'm working on a project replacing my host and wanted to ping y'all for input on a mirrored drive setup. The main reason I am considering it is to minimize potential for data loss but also understand it cuts my capacity in half. Another consideration would be the implications this would have on the life of the drives. Would it be better to instead go for maximum storage? In other words, would the loss of potential revenue from the second drive's capacity exceed the benefit of the fault tolerance a mirror would provide? I understand that a disk could always fail which would mean lost contracts. I'm just thinking there may be a good probability that the additional revenue would compensate the loss when it should occur. Also, do you believe the additional cost and energy consumption of RAID vs a single drive is worth having as a host. Thanks in advance! Edit: Who is downvoting this? I don't think the post or question is negative about Sia but sure is negative to see an attempt at getting help from the community be downvoted and not supported? I mean I'm putting up a host for crying out loud. Please, consider how this looks to those on the outside. Anyways, based on the input from the helpful members of the community. I have decided I will not go with a RAID. Thanks a lot!
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