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on []( it lists 7 exchanges to buy Siacoin: Binance, Bittrex, Shapeshift, Poloniex, [](, SevenB and Upbit. They did not include Kraken, the second largest exchange listing Siacoin. Binance's SC/USDT trade volume is 25.48% of all SC trades. OKEx's SC/USDT trade volume is 20.57% of all SC trades. Kraken's SC/USD trade volume is 10.36% of all SC trades. ​ By comparison, Bittrex' SC trade volume (all pairs to SC they have available) is 1.99% of all SC trades. Poloniex? 0.5% of all SC trades... This falls in trend with Siacoin's lack of marketing.....lack of updating their website to include more exchanges that already list Siacoin.
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