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Now you can obtain a csv file with all your transactions converted to local currencies in SiaStats

I added a new feature to [SiaStats Navigator]( (the blockchain explorer of SiaStats) that I think will be useful for many users. Now you can download the transaction history of any given address (or of any number of addresses you search as a batch) as a `.csv` file with the Siacoin amounts transformed automatically to the currency of your choice. You can select among 25 different local currencies, and the rates used will be the exchange rate at the time the transactions were made. Just search an address as you usually do, and above the transactions list [you will see a box]( where you can select the dates range you want, the currency you want the values on and a checkbox for showing just incoming transactions (useful for example for a miner that just wants to get a list of all the mining pool payouts). Sia wallets are composed by multiple addresses, all pointing to the same balance (wallets can easily get to thousands). You can get this same report for the whole wallet if you introduce the list of addresses on the second tab of Navigator. Amounts transferred internally between two of your addresses will be removed for clarity (only the transaction fee will be displayed as an expense in this case). Just remember that as Sia consolidates funds constantly into new addresses, a list of addresses you use today will be outdated at a future date and you will have to get a updated list on Sia. I hope this feature will be useful for many use cases: * A miner that wants to report his income to tax agencies, as the gains get transformed to the FIAT value of the day they were received * A host in the same situation: his locked collateral will show as an expense, same as the payouts will show as an incoming transaction * A renter that wants a financial report of how much he has spent between two dates Previously, searching addresses in batch was limited to 1000 addresses, but thanks to some scalability changes I made...
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