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Is Sia/SiaStream good for my use cases? (Trying to free up space on my computers)

I really like the idea of decentralized cloud storage, and I think that Sia is a very promising technology. SiaStream sounds really cool, too. I'm excited to explore this stuff, but would it be worth it? I want to upload my media collection to SiaStream (about 205 GB) and store all of my photos on Sia with SiaUI (250-450 GB, on average 20 MB each for RAW, and <1 MB each for JPEG). I would love to do this because it would free up a lot of space on my 1 TB laptop HDD (600 GB partition) and my 2 TB desktop HDD. However, ~~some articles~~ I read earlier today [here]( that storing a total of less than 1 TB on Sia isn't worth it (why?) and that Sia will pad files less than 40 MB, making my photo storage a bit of an inefficient issue. Any thoughts? *Edit:* Added a source to the article I read
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