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Is Sia good investment? - List of questions you should ask to find the answer yourself

*I initially wrote this as answer to someone wondering about Sia, but thought that it could get some more visibility and deserve own post. So here it is, slightly edited.* Let's say you don't really know much about Sia, but you read that developers are not caring about price, that there will be too much supply and that there is just no future to Sia and it's competitors will crush it. **So let's do a test, ok?** You will try to find answers for following questions and then return back and post below what you honestly think about Sia and where is it going. - Is there any use to Sia? Real product, real currency, real data centers/hosts and real renters/users? - Is it being actively developed? - How are the developers funding development and what is Siafund? - Are the developers caring about the price? Or it's more like they simply have no means to manipulate it and only the users can make the decisions? - Are there any technical issues that could slow down the project or everything is well designed and documented in whitepaper, so there will be no surprises? - Is it truly decentralized? - What if some illegal content is uploaded, are the users protected, can the data be read be anyone without my private key? - What competitors are out there? What is Filecoin or Storj and how far are they compared to Sia? - Does it have unique algorithm and ASIC? What is Obelisk and does it cause massive increase supply as many believe or it stays same, only distributed between much less miners (GPU miners forced to leave because of too low hashrate)? - What is the roadmap? Is it available anywhere? - How can we use the Sia now? Are there any integrations so we can make backups for example? - Are any companies planning to use Sia as the backbone for their services? Is Sia actually competitor to them, or more like infrastructure? - When do we get video streaming and other features? And maybe also price related questions: - With many GPU dual miners around looking for instant prof...
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