Idea for a lightweight sia client


To the sia devs and the rest of the coders here:

Is it possible to create a dumbed down, lightweight app like a torrent client that could make use of the sia network and make it easy for lazy greedy slobs like me to become a node and make an easy buck from their 1-2tb drives sitting idle on their desktops and maybe even make em feel part of a community and that they're contributing to something bigger than just sharing pirated blockbusters?

Feats I would like to see included:

- Cross-platform usability. Mac/OS/Linux/Android, it just works!!

- Easy to install, 10-100mb installation file.

- clean UI,(my grandma should be able to figure it out),easy to setup directories, network speed/port checker, easy to throttle ul/dl rate.

- You can commit as much space as you like to the network. This space gets locked up like in a VMware and can be easily adjusted through a bar in the settings tab.

-Automated wallet address assigned to each user upon installation and registration.

- Not messing with contracts: you're just agreeing to commit a certain space on your hard drive. Contracts are automatically set up by the Foundation (acting as the middle-man).

- As long as you keep the client on and synced you're making SC.

- SC amount you're making depends on 3 factors:

\- The amount of TBs you're sharing

\- Your ul/dl rate

\- The amount of time your client stays on

- Each user gets a real-time evaluation of his sharing capability and an estimate of income/hour based on these factors.The more you keep sharing the more you keep ranking up and the more space you can commit to the network/the more SC you can earn per TB. Once you stop logging you de-rank and start losing your privileges.

- Last but not least. Community webpage! Yes, community counts! A dedicated web-page for the users to hang out, chat, flex their ranks, exchange hosting tips for the young and bold. Make it cozy, like a nerdy private tracker.

Could something like this be done?