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I'm creating a dropbox style app on top of Sia

Hey all! I have been working on an app that essentially aims to create dropbox-style cross-platform cloud storage using Sia as the storage layer. The idea for Cloudly was born because even though Sia works great as a storage solution, you can't easily get to your files on mobile phones. Currently, if you want to have cloud storage that works on Android, Windows, and Apple devices, you don't have a choice outside from picking which data-collecting company will get access to your data. Now that we have Sia, why not have something that would allow us to seamlessly store and sync any data from any device we have? It's almost 2020; if I download a video on my Windows desktop, I should be able to use my phone to watch it on TV via Chromecast, right? Cloudly will be available as a 100% free app for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Linux support will come later. I want this to be a community effort so to get the ball rolling before the code is launch-ready, I decided to create a quick video tour so you can see what it looks like and how it works. Please do share what you like, what you don't like and any others ideas you have, all very much appreciated :) Once the code is ready for publishing, I will open-source it. I chose to do it this way because I rather use my time to get the app to 1.0 than try to debug unfinished code for people in Github issues ;) **Right now, Cloudly does the following:** * all data is stored in Sia * you can have automatically synced folder on the desktop, just like how Dropbox works * add any file you want * built-in photo viewer and video player (with chromecast and subtitles support) * can convert videos, like mkvs, on-demand for devices that don't support mkvs (most phones) * share files with other people (doesn't require the receiver to be a cloudly user) * it creates a distributed file cache between your devices, so you don't pay downloading from Sia unless necessary * it works around Sia's 40MB minimum file size so with Cloudly if...
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