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Development Update for week of November 3th, 2019

##**Sia development** * Msevey created a new tool, `connmonitor`, that will provide more granular information about the bandwidth usage by each Sia module. * Marcinja added a watchdog subsystem to the renter module to improve its reliability. This watchdog monitors the blockchain for information about the renter’s contracts (like contracts that failed to be included on the blockchain or proofs of storage submitted by hosts) and takes necessary actions, like broadcasting again a stalled contract or informing about a host that failed its obligations. * Msevey expanded and added clarity to the readme file of the Sia directories. * Msevey and stevefunk improved the API documentation: the format has been cleaned, the difference between available and recoverable files has been clarified and typos were corrected. ##**Stats** * 2 Nebulous repo were updated. 9 issues were created, 5 were closed. 9 MRs were merged. GitLab users stevefunk, marcinja, Msevey and DavidVorick had code contributions merged into Sia. ##**Security reminder** * Accounts impersonating Sia are messaging users in Discord about a fake mandatory update, not created by Nebulous. It links to a false GitHub repository with binaries for downloading that will likely infect the user with malware. Remember that developers, moderators or official bots will never contact you asking you to install software, to trade coins or borrowing money.
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