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Development update for week of Jan 5th, 2020

##**Development progress** * ChrisSchinnerl has made the wallet to unlock and be able to generate new addresses instantly, thanks to making the `wallet` module of Sia functional even when it is still scanning the blockchain ([link]( * DavidVorick added the option `allow-other` when mounting a `FUSE` drive, that is something that many Plex users might require. He also added the documentation for all the recently added FUSE API endpoints ([link]( ##**Bug fixes** * DavidVorick fixed two errors on the upload streamer code ([link 1]( and [link 2]( * DavidVorick also fixed a bug that would block new uploads when the `--force` flag was added to an upload ([link]( ##**From the community** * The community member u/aerrejon added [a set of tools]( to SiaStats to facilitate accounting and tax reporting: better CSV reports of transactions, balance tracking for addresses and a coin price tracking page and calculator. ##**Stats** 2 Nebulous repo were updated. 11 MRs were merged. GitLab users DaWe35, eddiewang, MSevey, ChrisSchinnerl, lukechampine and DavidVorick had code contributions merged into Sia.
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