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Development update for the weeks of September 20th and 27th, 2020

##**Development progress** * Guess who's back? Community contributor tbenz9 made easier to use the command for deleting “skykeys”, by splitting it into `siac skynet delete id` and `siac skynet delete name` (to delete by id or name, respectively) (!4800) * As it is a resource-intensive check, ChrisSchinnerl moved the health report of files from `siac renter -v` to the new `siac renter health` command (!4834). He also added the new `--root` flag to download endpoints (!4826) * ChrisSchinnerl also improved the performance for hosts updating the `registry`, an upcoming Sia feature that will enable mutable data to be uploaded Skynet (!4840) * Firix kept updating the `Sia-Ant-Farm` package (local testnet) fixing the build process of binaries, errors in the renter and improving the logs * ro-tex made possible to upload entire directories to Skynet using siac (something that was limited to portals and `skynet-cli` users until now), using `siac skynet upload dir ` (!4829) * lukechampine fixed a bug that could cause in edge cases to fail a contract renewal on the host side (!4825) * MSevey made possible to add hashes to the block list of Skynet portals, what will facilitate different portals to share their list of blocked files if their operators wish it (!4814) ##**Other news** * One of the biggest features of the next Sia version will be the `Registry` - a database of hashes that will enable mutable skylinks (this is, the content you access on Skynet will be possible to be changed without creating a new link) and features as user accounts across Skynet. To make this work, hosts will create a database file aside from their conventional Sia folders. Accessing and updating this Registry will be especially lucrative for them. In anticipation of this, hosts are asked to prepare their systems by freeing 16GB on the drive where Sia is installed. * A new Forum for the new Sia Foundation is live. This will be the preferred place for debating the Foundation structure, ac...
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