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Development update for the weeks of October 4th and 11th, 2020

##**Introducing SkyDB** SkyDB was finally announced and released. This mutable database hosted on the Sia network will enable developers to build user authentication systems for their Skynet apps, easy aggregation of data sources, seamless migration of user data from one app to another and blending different apps to create cross-app experiences. SkyDB is probably the most important deliverable created for the Sia network. You can read the details [here]( The technology is available today, and you can try it in [this demo app]( and learn how it works [here]( ##**Development progress** Most of the work these past weeks has been finishing the `registry`, the database stored on Sia hosts that enables SkyDB: * ChrisSchinnerl made configurable the size of the Registry file and the path where the host will save it (!4857 and !4860) * DavidVorick and ChrisSchinnerl added batching of instructions to update the Registry, meaning more efficiency for programs interacting with it (!4856 and !4859) * ChrisSchinnerl created RPCs (the protocol for renter-host interactions) for reading and updating the Registry (!4844 and !4854) Additionally, MSevey fixed a bug on the loop that assesses the health of files of a renter (!4858) and Firyx made multiple updates on the `Sia-Ant-Farm` package (the local testnet of Sia) ##**Other news** * v1.5.1-RC1 was published for beta testing among contributors. It includes a large amount of bug fixes and the SkyDB protocol for hosts. Valiant volunteer hosts are asked to update to facilitate the usage of the SkyDB demos * The [third video]( of the series showcasing Skynet apps was published * @crypto_rocket was invited to write on the Sia Blog [an article](
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