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CPU, RAM, Network usage aren't normal ?

Hey, this is not the first time that I try to host on Sia, and it looks very promising this time. But this leads me to a few questions \^\^'. ​ I installed Sia-UI on a Win10 VM with 4vcpu (from 2 E5-2680v2), 16GB ram, 80GB storage. My network connection is \~1-3 Gb/s download & \~300Mb/s upload from the ISP and 1 Gb in LAN. I added \~8.5TB of data across 2 iSCSI volumes. ​ 1. After I first installed Sia-UI, I had to restart it because it was taking all the ram, I had like 5% left, I can understand it, but then after 4-5 hours it goes back from 20% usage to 90%, is it normal ? 2. It takes \~10-20% of constant CPU, which is something that could lead me to not using Sia, I mean it just consumes more energy, and in the end cost more electricity... I'm not doing it to be profitable at the moment, but it will have to be someday.. 3. I forwarded the ports 9981 and 9982 on my router, however, siastats did not make any successful benchmark yet... " *NewSession: Lock: couldnt read LoopLock response: read \*\*\*->\*\*\* 982: i/o timeout* " while it looks like that I got 2 contracts earlier, without any data uploaded yet... 4. It has been 4+ hours that Sia is taking 300-400Mb/s of disk/network access on one of the iSCSI without any apparent reason... I still have 100% storage available on both iSCSI when I look on the Sia interface. ​ Am I missing something here ? Something that I did not read yet ? I love this project so far and I can expect it to not be ready out of the box yet, but I'm a little bit disappointed... ​ Just tell me if I need to add more infos, this is not a problem at all. ​ Thanks ! ​ (Pardon my approximative English) Edit : here is the host if it can help
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