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[Blog] The Sia Alerts System: Be more informed about your cloud storage

The Sia Alerts System: Be more informed about your cloud storage

Sia is a next-gen cloud storage platform that lets you store your files online with ultimate privacy, security, and speed. Learn more at

One of the new features coming in Sia v1.4.2 is the Alert System, a new set of tools that allow Sia to report irregularities during runtime — in other words, it will tell you when you have a problem. It will also tell you what the problem is, how severe the problem is, and (if Sia can figure this much out) what caused the problem.

Here’s a quick example to illustrate the point: Sia needs your wallet to be unlocked periodically so it can access your funds to perform maintenance like repairing files and renewing contracts. If it can’t do this, Sia might eventually lose access to the data you’ve uploaded because you’ve stopped paying for it. It’s an issue that me and my team have seen quite a few times in confused emails from users.

With alerts, Sia can now tell you that your wallet is locked and contracts can’t be renewed, instead of you finding out when your file health drops, or later.

If you’re into Gitlab and want to check out the birth of the Alert System, see core dev Chris’ first MR for it here.

The Sia Alert System will be just as effective, and hopefully less annoying, than this alert system. Hello, alerts!

Part of my job is to assist with and manage Sia’s support channels. Back in July of 2019, Sia lead dev David asked me to come up with a list of things that siad should be able to tell the user automatically. The list ended up being the types of things that we see a lot in support, and would be helpful for a user to get smacked in the face with instead of having to either figure out on their own, or email in so we can tell them.

Danger, one of our Sia support reps, and I ended up putting together a list of what we thought were good starters for this — the types of things that are good to know...

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