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[Blog] Sia Community Update — August 2019

August was a big month. In addition to the regular work we do on Sia, we also made progress on other huge initiatives: a light wallet entered (very) early testing, and file and folder sharing with other Sia users was (gently) hacked together. A hotfix was released, and another is on the way. The community was also busy, issuing updates to popular third-party apps and dropping completely new pieces of software to expand the Sia ecosystem.

David conducted an outstanding interview, the Sia network hit an all-time high, and much more. This momentum will carry us into the final four months of the year and beyond, and I’m so glad we get to share the journey with you all.

In this update David Vorick’s interview with Jane King at Nasdaq The new Sia network all-time high Updates from the… Hotfix(es)

Sia v1.4.1.1 has been released. This is a hotfix version with a number of bug fixes, including a download corruption bug and one that would stall uploads. This is a recommended upgrade for all Sia users, especially those renting on the network.

Another one, v1.4.1.2 is on the way as well. This one will address a transaction propagation issue that has been impacting the network lately.

Help us help you

Sia now has a responsible disclosure policy, courtesy of Marcin.

Luke’s light wallet

Luke has been developing a light wallet for Sia, and offered brave testers the opportunity to try it out in August.

The wallet is currently CLI only, and we’ll get into it more next month. But you can a sneak peek at everything here. Hit up Luke on Discord — nemo#4926 — if you’re interested in helping test it out.

Other updates

The full list of Sia’s merged code can be found here, but these are some of the highlights from the month.

Chris and David completed an initial MR on file and folder sharing between Sia users. This feature is still being developed and won’t be released until it’s stable.

Luke completed an initi...

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