[Blog] Grants Program Update, March 2023

[Blog] Grants Program Update, March 2023

Grants Program Update, March 2023

The Sia Foundation has grant funding available for community contributors! The Grants Program was created to fund research, development, developer tools, and anything else that will support and further our mission of user-owned data while enriching the Sia ecosystem.

Just design a proposal that meets our requirements, submit to our forums, and wait for review by our grants committee. If your grant gets approved, you’re on your way to creating the next great project on the Sia storage network.

Check out our site for more info.

The Current State of Grants

The committee reviewed one new grant and checked in on the progress reports from all our existing grantees. We’ve also got another new one to take a look at, which arrived just late enough for the committee to need additional time to review.

New Proposal: Rocket Web3 Game


What is it?

A simple space game with a crypto marketplace and earnings system.

Grant Status

Not approved


Our first game idea had an interesting premise, but a lacking proposal. While the committee is open to reconsidering, the committee needed to better understand how Sia would be integrated, better budget justification, and a bit more detailed breakdown of the timeline and goals.

Progress Reports

When you accept a grant, you commit to update the Foundation and community once a month with a progress report detailing your work done, milestones you’ve met, and what you’ll work on next. Here’s a quick recap of some of the latest progress reports we’ve received from previous grantees.



Set up local MiniKubes test media player/transcoder infrastructures. Successfully uploaded a video to the media player cluster, which was then uploaded to S5. Added authorization token functionality to the tus_client Rust native code, enabling Redsolver’s code snippet to upload files with authorization.



Alphaday is 99% complete, and the committee has been seeing internal versions prior to release. This will likely be our first fully complete grant.

Lume Web


Handshake syncing and querying fully working in the browser Significant work has been done on the DHT communication as well as the related client libraries that are used for DHT and DNS Redundancy/resiliency and connection retries/reconnecting were added to the different layers up to the HNS module itself Has started researching and implementing IPFS Started on a website rebranding and redesign via contracting

Sia Satellite


Contracts can now be formed using renterd and the satellite Able to lock a part of the balance when a contract is formed and unlocking it when it ends Made some web portal improvements and bug fixes Next: contract renewals and further integration with renterd

Coming Next

We encourage the community to provide their feedback and ask questions on the Sia Forum! Community contribution and input is the best way to push proposals and projects to the next level.

You can see the list of all proposals here, and our proposal requirements here. See you next month!


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