Shiba Inu finally listed on Europe’s largest crypto exchange - will we see SHIB soar from here?

Shiba InuShiba Inu
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SHIBA INU has finally been listed on Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Bitstamp, which has been trading digital tokens since 2011, added the altcoin to its platform this week.

In a statement on its website, the exchange said: “Among all the serious crypto projects with their serious tokens and coins, there are some that represent the dogs of the world.

“Shiba Inu is one such project which started out as utterly light-hearted, boasting a pretty picture of a dog, but now has an incredibly large and vibrant community behind it.

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“For reasons known to them, people have been flocking to this dog-themed token and started throwing millions of dollars at it.

“As its popularity grew, so did the requests from our Bitstamp community to have the token listed on our exchange.”

The platform first promised to list the digital currency last December but postponed the integration at the last minute, citing “technical difficulties”.

The delay came after Bitstamp had previously been hostile to listing some altcoins in the past.

In August 2021, then CEO Julian Sawyer ruled out adding the popular cryptocurrency dogecoin to the platform and implied SHIB and others would also be banned.

“Fundamentally you have to look at the basics, which is why we only want to list those assets that have some substance behind them, some liquidity,” Sawyer said at the time.

“The issue is that if you go to some that are hyped up by a billionaire’s tweet, or crashes on a billionaire’s tweet, we don’t think that’s right.

“We’re here to protect your money in your investments.”

Sawyer left Bitstamp last month, just weeks before Shiba Ing was listed on the platform by his replacement, JB Graftieaux.

Limit orders are currently available on the platform.

Full trading is set to start once the order books get sufficient liquidity.

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