Have a spare $100?

Shiba InuShiba Inu
self.SHIBArmy7m ago
With 461,000+ members in this community, we need approx of $75 per person to burn 1 trillion coins - but I know few of us won’t be able to part with $75. So to cover all, if we burn $100 worth of Shib, we’ll burn 1 trillion coins forever! This action will have a nuclear-bomb effect on all media houses and get a lot of traction for Shib. Not to mention the amount of respect for ShibArmy! So are you down for some game? Think of it as an investment for long term growth. Depending on how many are willing for this exercise, I’ll share the technical details of the mission! Shib to moon will need a propeller - we can be that! EDIT after few unbearable hours: The fucktards will always be negative. Only few understand the impact this will cause. Anyone willing to be part of the revolution, the address is (0x9Fe93b84E2EBc0D4dC91b4ccd7202c9F6E1FbeB6). Once we accumulate enough coins, we burn! Second EDIT: Screenshot of received token will be posted to show honestly. I’ve good enough Shib to not scam people of their hard-earned money!!