Daily Discussion Thread - January 15, 2022

Shiba InuShiba Inu
self.SHIBArmy7m ago
Dear SHIBA's, this thread is mainly to prevent the short posts which clutter the page, please downvote the posts that you do not like rather then contacting the moderators to fix it for you. The idea is decentralization we are doing this together. Further to the above note: * No promo of other coins, you will get banned -discussions on LEASH and future coins which are part of our ecosystem are allowed-; * No racism or anything like that, you will get banned; * **Do not put in more fiat currency then you are willing to lose -can not stress this enough-;** * We the admins of this sub are just users like yourself who became mods here in the early days, we are no developers, no service support etc. We can not give you tokens, help you with transactions which you messed up etc. * Visit the website: [https://www.shibatoken.com/](https://www.shibatoken.com/) and read the whitepaper. * Dev's provide updates on the discord channel regularly, these can be found under pinned posts and/or dev questions tab. * News and updates can often be found on twitter: [https://mobile.twitter.com/shibinformer](https://mobile.twitter.com/shibinformer) Happy posting, lets keep this sub nice for everyone! -please stop threathening and harassing moderators via modmail, we will escalete to Reddit to get you removed all together.